Nora(right) and Kaz

Kaz is Nora's radical cousin who believes that the Human royal family must be conquered at all costs. Much to Nora's dismay, Kaz dispatched Tess, Meggi and Alexa to capture Ai. But later on , he discovers the truth about Ai and understands Nora's point.

Later, in the sequel series: The Prism of Midnight Dawn, he is seen to be an antagonist (again), cooperating with a group who capture Ai in order to take her blood.


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

He has blonde hair and blue cat-like eyes. He also appears to be wearing dark heavy clothing and carries a different staff every time he is seen. Kaz's wings are the same colour as his hair and a bit bigger than Nora's

Personality and traitsEdit

Kaz seems to be strict and if he has a goal, he'll do anything to achieve it .(He used every method he had in order to catch Ai and Nora didn't manage to stop him. Only when he saw Ai's wings with his own eyes, he backed off.) He proved to be impatient by not giving enough time to any of the 3 sisters (Tess,Meggi and Alexa) on their missions to catch Ai and got disappointed quickly. (Surprisingly, he showed a bit of pity to Tess by "wanting to give her a second chance") Apart from his leader like personality so far, Kaz has shown a sweet side too. He cares about Nora and tries to protect him in his own ways. (He claims that Ai had misleaded Nora and keeps bringing this subject up almost every time he discusses about Ai's captivity)


Nora (his radical cousin), Ai (his nemesis), Tess (his henchman/hitman), Meggi (his henchman/hitman), Alexa (his henchman/hitman)

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